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Francesca MacDonald is a mother, wife, and relentless thinker. She was born and raised in Venice, Italy. She studied oriental languages at the University Ca'Foscari until a life-changing trip to the United States changed the course of her life. On her last night in Los Angeles, she attended a rapturing show where she met her soulmate and now husband of 21 years. While her deep love for her husband amplified her passion for writing, she always had a fondness for beautiful words, rhyme, and metaphysics. Philosophical quests and controversial spiritual and occult inquiries spiral and interweave her everyday enterprises, culminating in hours of research, self-analysis, and more writing. In 2014, Francesca self-published a love poetry chapbook, Special Someone. Today, the mother of two amazing young men, she is committed to supporting them in their quest for self-fulfillment and singular expression.  

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